How Much Does a Wedding Dress Cost?

How Much Does a Wedding Dress Cost?

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That feeling when you finally find the dress of your dream is pretty priceless, but again, it does not mean the gown is free. (That would be nice, wouldn’t it?)  One may wonder why they would pay a whole fortune for a dress you’ll wear once. Every girl dream of that one perfect dress on that one most important days of their life, so why not? That said, the following factors will greatly influence how much your wedding dress will cost.


Note that, different and more detailed designs will reap a little more penny from your pockets. For instance gowns with lots of beads and expensive fabric will cost more than those with simple details or even a plain material. The more intricate dresses need not only artistic and creative minds but also mathematical, laborious, time and so heftier price tags.


Unless your dress is custom-made just for your particular body, then the alteration route is inevitable. To make sure you are not caught by surprise when the time to pay for your gown comes, consider factoring in alteration cost into your budget. These changes could be up to a few dollars or more depending on the needed changes. Drastic changes to your gown may end up costing even more than your original dress, therefore schedule your dress fitting at least three months before your big day. All said, significant alterations and customization of your gown will cost (A lot of money.) Get yourself a dress that well fits as is.

How Much Does a Wedding Dress Cost?

Where do I buy my gown?

Are you one of those brides with some cash to spare or, are you working on a budget? Well, gowns with designer labels and from fashion houses are more costly than the locally produced synthetic dresses. Instead, why not rent a dress? It sounds off, but then your budget won’t allow you to get that designer gown you want to go down the aisle in. Rent one!!! (Fuscaldo). Why not also try sample sale? Several bridal outlets offer sample sales, from these you may find beautiful gowns from the earlier seasons at discounted prices. Therefore, it is entirely important before you decide on which way to go, ask your bridal consultant to share with you all the options you got.

Time of the year

Did you know that weddings have a low and a high season? Dresses from April to July often cost more than those bought during the summer or early fall months. This is due to many weddings being done during this cooler month with exotic honeymoon destinations. This should help you plan well at a convenient time to have your wedding dress.

In Conclusion:

Wedding dresses vary in price ranging from $100 or less to $2,600 or more. With so many components involved in determining how much a gown costs, it’s important that you as the bride, find your priorities early.