Tips for choosing bridesmaid dresses

It’s a tough decision to shopping for bridesmaid dresses; especially you haven’t got your perfect wedding dress. Different people have different opinions, but it’s your wedding day. You can set line which can make every bridesmaid happy and meet your requirements. Here are some crucial tips may help you to get the bridesmaid dresses much easier and quicker.

Budget is always priority. Make a list of bridesmaid dresses costs range no matter who pay them. You need to pay the whole wedding, so it’s important to consider your budget if you pay bridesmaid. If the girls pay by them, make sure every bridesmaid can afford it.

Talk to the bridesmaid. Make sure you talked with them before shopping. You need to know their budget, the styles of bridesmaid dresses they want to wear. Make note and narrow down the choice.

Set a line as the bride. It’s you big day, they are best friends and relatives; they will respect and understand every decision you has made for bridesmaid dresses. You can set the main color and length, leave others to them. More and more wedding photos tend to have the same mode bridesmaid gowns but different necklines.

Consider the wedding season and wedding locations. If you have a winter wedding, you should choose heavy fabric bridesmaid dresses such as taffeta, satin or velvet. While summer wedding you should go for chiffon fabric or silk fabric bridesmaid gowns. Don’t forget to match shawls for them if you have the wedding party at beach.

Combine the wedding dress and wedding theme. No matter what kind of bridesmaid dresses you will choose, make sure it does reflect the wedding and look harmony with your wedding gown. For example, if you have a purple themed wedding, you need to choose the similar color for bridesmaid gowns even in lavender. Make sure the bridesmaid dresses length no longer than wedding dress.

At last, you should shop with two of bridesmaid girls. So you will get helpful advices and release your stress from wedding.


Tips for Selecting the Ideal Bridesmaid Dress

You have put several month or years to prepare your wedding. You want everything in the wedding will prefect. Of course bridesmaid is the most important part in the wedding except the wedding dress. So how to choose the bridesmaid dress is a very big task for every bride to be. Here are some advices to help you to find right and perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Firstly, you should ask the bridesmaid ideas of the dress styles and color. Although it’s your wedding day, but they are all your best friends and families, you don’t want to let them down especially at your wedding.


 Bridesmaid Dresses

Bridesmaid Dresses

Every boys have different figure , and it’s better do not ask them to wear same bridesmaid dress if one of the girl is much plus size or small size. Leave the styles and cut to them. And you should tell them not to choose too short or too expose dresses, neither too exaggeration gowns.

The colors of bridesmaid dresses are varieties. You can ask the girls to wear same color bridesmaid dress also. If you want them to wear multicolor dresses, rainbow bridesmaid gowns are also very popular in spring wedding. Solid color gowns like orange bridesmaid dresses are the good choice for garden wedding. Coral bridesmaid dress is the perfect choice for summer beach wedding. Remember the dress color should flatter the girls’ skin tone and your wedding theme.

The fabrics of bridesmaid dresses are normally in chiffon, satin, taffeta and lace. Chiffon bridesmaid dresses are the ideal choice for summer wedding or beach wedding. Taffeta bridesmaid gowns and satin dresses are usually perfect for winter wedding to keep warm. So you should not forget the wedding season and bridesmaid fabrics.

You should make a budget of bridesmaid dresses also. Don’t choose the dress which one girl can’t afford. And remember to choose a dress which can be worn in other occasion.